A binge run.

Today I’m going to go for one last “binge run” before my Marathon training starts on the 30th. I’m going to run from the Field Museum up the lake to Irving Park and back, roughly a 13 mile jaunt. After today my workouts are going to be short three or four mile runs. 

I’m running the “Leprechaun Leap” on the 14th and the “Shamrock Shuffle” on the 21st. Then start my 28-week Nike+ training program on the 30th. All of my running workouts will be set by that program, with the only changes being the days I run the Soldier Field 10 mile and the Lakefront 10 mile.
Ok, time to go run! You can follow this run and all my future runs at http://my.nike.com/PCastello , and my runs are also always updated on my Twitter page @PhilCastello.
See you on the lake path!  

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