Getting and staying hydrated

I completed my 14 mile run on Sunday, but towards the end it wasn’t easy. It didn’t cross my mind that even though it was warm enough for a run outside, it still WASN’T warm enough for the city to have turned the water fountains back on.

Before I left the house I made sure I was drinking enough water, I also downed one Accel-Gel and put another one in my pocket. I was fine for the first half of the run, but pretty parched by the time I reached Irving Park Rd. I choked down the 2nd Accel-Gel and continued on. Like I said I completed the run, but I was dying. I was starting to get cramps in my legs from being dehydrated.
So before my next long haul, I’m going to need to look in to some personal hydration tools. After doing some research I found these options to be the best.
The First one is the CameBak Montara, it kind of looks like a fanny pack, which is a little off putting, but it’s small which is a bonus. Plus it will old 45 oz of fluid and has a pocket big enough to carry some gels, keys and a phone. The hose has a clip so it doesn’t swing around  while you run.
Next is the CamelBak Fairfax, this would be my choice. It’s backpack style means the 50oz of liquid you’re carrying won’t be flopping around your waist for 3 hours! It also has a pocket to carry some small items.
Then there is the CamelBak Delaney. It is a glorified water bottle holder, with enough room for 2 gels. The Bottle hold 24oz, which is definitely enough, but again I don’t like the Idea of wearing something so cumbersome while I run.
Lastly is a Fuel Belt, to me the only reason to carry more than one bottle is if you want to fill one with water and another with an electrolyte drink. But other than that there is no reason to carry 2 or more small bottles when you can get away with one big one.
Check back later today to see what you should be drinking.

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