Getting my Glide on (my first product review)

Last week I visited the folks at NikeTown on Michigan Ave. to check out some of their new gear. They’ve been hyping some new shoe technology called the Dynamic Support System.

The shoe floating above is the Nike LunarGlide+ which I’ve been test driving for the past week. It’s pretty cool, the first thing I noticed when I put them on was the slight angle of the LunarLite foam core (or inside sole of the shoe for everyone who doesn’t work at NASA). It adds a little more cushioning on the lateral side. The medial side of the shoe has a “rear-foot wedge” designed in to the foam carriage to provide stability on an as needed basis.
The Dynamic Support System has good cushioning and support for runners that over pronate (like me) but it is designed to support a wide range of runners. I have to admit they definitely felt a little different on my first couple of runs. At first I couldn’t put my finger on it, then I realized that as an over pronator, the design of the shoe really “balances” (for lack of a better word) how your foot lands. At the bottom there is a video that illustrates what I’m talking about.
Overall I like the shoe, they’re very light, comfortable and they look cool which isn’t always the case for running shoes (but I have gotten complements around the office all week!). If you’re a severe over pronator the bad news is these tires aren’t for you.

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