Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

This track came on while I was running  this morning (yes I’m a parrot head deal with it!). It made me thing about the first time I ran the four mile route I took today. When I caught the running bug from my friend Beefy, I was using the 5k training program on my Nike+. The 4-mile workout day was taunting me as I worked up to it.

Outside of mt first run with Beef I don’t think I have ever run four consecutive miles. At least if I was running with a partner there would be someone there to hold me accountable for the distance.

I was afraid that if I ran that distance alone I would find some excuse to stop when I got tired. When the day arrived I went out with the goal that no matter how tired or how slow I had to jog I wouldn’t walk. I did it in just under an hour.

Today I ran the same route and my attitude about a four mile run has completely changed. Now I feel at four miles that I’m just getting going, which feels great and cut nearly 20 minutes off that time! (41:03 today!)

With the start of marathon training just days away I started looking at my running week. Tuesday is day one and has us doing 3 miles, Wed 2 miles, Thurs 4 miles… That’s it for week one.

By the end of the week I hope to have the first episode of my new webseries “Distance Running” up too. But until then, enjoy Jimmy Buffett!!!

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