Early Early Early

I was really excited to run today since it was my first official run in my 28-week Marathon training program. The downside was I had to get up at 4:15a to do it.

I haven’t had to do an early morning like this in a few weeks, which made this one hurt! My legs felt like lead, my whole body was sluggish… and half pizza I ate for dinner last night surely didn’t help.
It was only 3 miles at 9:48/mi, which I don’t consider that bad. I sure felt like I was running 15:00’s. Tomorrow’s run is a real shorty at only 2 miles.
I also shot some video for the launch of “Distance Running”, the web series that will live on my blog for the next 28-weeks.
My Alaskan training partner Adam was also getting in an early morning run according to his Facebook page. To follow our progress check back here once a week for a new video.

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