Mild Disappointment

If you follow me on Twitter (@PhilCastello), you might have noticed that I posted a tweet yesterday that says I had a new PR for my mile…. I was wrong… let me explain.

I recently transitioned from using my Nike+ Sportband to Nike+ on the iPhone 3Gs and I’m a big fan. One of my biggest problems running is that I’m constantly checking my Sportband to check my distance. With the iPhone, Nike+ talk to you and gives you updates about every half mile, and at the end of your run, it gives to a summary of that run. It’s fantastic really.
So after my 2 miles yesterday (yeah that’s all that was scheduled) it gave me my summary and then a woman says “Congratulations! You’ve recorded a new Personal Best for your mile”
HELL YEAH! So I tweeted about it and texted my Alaskan Training Partner, I was pretty excited…… until I uploaded my run and noticed that my actual PR was about 25 seconds faster.
Yep at the Leprechaun Leap I recorded my best mile yet of 8:54… not the 9:19 I did yesterday. So I was a little bummed out, but it was only the 2nd official day of marathon training, so I have a lot of time to speed up my mile. And really the ultimate goal is to cross the finish line on 10/10/10.
I have 4 miles to tackle today then I’m off until Sunday where I need to do 8.
Happy Running.

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