Ouch my legs!

My first week of marathon training is complete! It wasn’t a hard week at all. My longest run was only 4 miles, but they were the most difficult for miles I’ve had in a long time. My shins were killing me! I’m not sure why either. I’ve been running pain free for a while, but yesterday… uggh.

Through out all my running, even before I decided to run the marathon my overall goal was “Don’t Walk” it doesn’t matter how slow I had to shuffle my feet I wasn’t going to walk. Yesterday I had to keep reminding myself of that. Every step sen pain up both shins, I would try and stretch and shake them out at the couple of intersections I had to stop at, but nothing was working. But I did my 4 miles with out walking.
I wrapped my legs last night and slept with them slightly elevated as directed my the MayoClinic website. And this morning I felt a lot better.
Most of my run was spent on the lake path, which was jammed with people since the weather was so nice. So that made this run feel a little disconnected with having to weave in and out of “traffic” while trying not to get hit by a bike.
I ran in to my buddy Beefy on the path, hopefully we can schedule a run for next week.
I’m cutting episode 1 of “Distance Running” this weekend so it should be up sometime in the coming week.
I’m a little annoyed at my Nike+ dashboard cause it didn’t log one of my runs on my coaching program, but it did log it under “all runs”. So I’m not real sure what happened there… anyway…
Rest and Ice until Sunday when I need to log 8 miles. I’ll be running from Printers Row to just past Castaways on the path give me a shout if you wanna run!  @PhilCastello

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