Bring on week 2!

Today starts week 2 of marathon training. I ran my scheduled 8 miles this morning and it was a complete 180 from the 4 miles I did on Thursday. My left leg was a little sore still, but it seemed to go away after the 1st mile.

I hit the 5 mile mark at just over 50 mins (Which is important cause Adam and I are competing to see who has the fastest 5 mile!), and I hit the 8 mile mark about 1:21. There were very few runners on the path this morning, which seemed odd, but there was not shortage of bikers.
The rest of this weeks running schedule looks like this…
Mon: Off
Tue: 4mi
Wed: 2mi
Thur: 4mi
Fri/Sat: Off
So not a huge week over all. For all you Nike+ users, I’ll move from Orange to Green this week. For all the non-Nike+ users that means I’ll have logged over 155 miles using Nike+. It also means I won’t see another level change until mile 621.
I’m cutting Distance Running Ep 1 still… I’m awaiting some more video to arrive from Alaska and as soon as it does I’ll post the video!

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