My shins are continuing to bother me. I’ve been resting on off days and using ice and ACE bandages to relieve the pain. But I’ve also been running. I did 8 miles Sunday, 4 tuesday, 2.5 yesterday and I have 4 planned to tonight…. at least I hope to do 4 tonight.

I woke up at 2am with my legs throbbing. Especially my left one. I stretched a bit, and applied a little more ice. The pain went away enough but I was still tossing and turing all night.
This morning I took some Mortin & Tylenol, but I still feel a slight twinge when I walk. I’m going to keep “self medicating” through out the day as well as ice and wrap (boy am I glad I have my own office!). We’ll see how I feel after work. I really want to get in my 4 miles today to stay on track with my training program. Plus this run bumps me up to the next Nike+ level, which just makes me feel good!
After today I have rest days until Sunday when I need to do another 8 miles.

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