An awful week for running

What did you think of the 1st episode of “Distance Running”? 

This has been a hectic week as far as my running schedule goes. Sunday was a 10 miler, pretty uneventful out side of the excruciating pain and the fact that I forgot to put my new Nike+ sensor in my shoe (oops!).
Monday was a rest day, which brings me to Tuesday. It seems like everything was working against me on my run days. I was working late on the new show, then I had to rush home to relieve the nanny. Once Tracy got home I had to run to the store (which actually involved no running), and next thing you know it’s 9:30… Nope I did not get in my scheduled 4 miles!
I made them up on Wednesday. Instead of running 2 I ran 6. Takes care of that problem. Then there was yesterday, worked late AGAIN! This time Tracy was On-Call, so there was going to be no 6 mile run… but I tried.
When I got home, I put Sammy in the stroller and attempted to do the run. Did I mention I don’t have a running stroller? Cause I now know why they were invented, running with a regular stroller is a pretty horrible experience. So My 6 mile run turned in to a 3 mile “speed” walk. I use the word “speed” pretty lightly.
So today is Friday. I have no run scheduled, but tomorrow I’m going to run “The Hill” with CubicleDad (@cubicledad). I’m not really sure what to expect, I’m a little nervous. However I’m thinking this hilly ass-kicking will make up for the lack of running I did this week!
Ep. 2 of Distance running will be up soon, I waiting on some Alaska video.
Then Sunday… after “The Hill” week 5 of training starts with another 10 miles!

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