When you’re up, you’re up… THE HILL

Nervous. That was the best word I can think of to describe how I felt driving to “The Hill” this morning. I was going to meet Dan (Cubicle Dad) and Dave (Pace of Chicago) for a group run at “The Hill”. I don’t do group runs often… or ever really, I get concerned that I’m not going to be able to keep up with the group or that they’ll be trying some wild workout I’ve never heard of.

I was also nervous because of how my legs have been feeling lately. I showed up to “The Hill” about 10 mins late, and as I was driving up I passed to Dan & Dave. GREAT I’m already behind!
I eventually got to the top and met the guys. Dave gave me the rundown that it was .6 up and .6 down and they we’re doing 8 miles. (YIKES! I’M GONNA DIE!!)
We headed down and I kept the group pace, same on the way back up. 
Ok, I think I can handle this (sigh of relief). 
They kept a comfortable pace the whole time, which I was more than grateful for! About half way through the run I was feeling good, legs were good, so I felt my pace picking up a little (about 11:10 according to Nike+).
I had the chance to pick they guys brains about a variety of running topics while we were out there, which was cool. They both have a lot of info to share about they’re training and races they’ll be doing this season.
Before I knew it we were done! 7 miles WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! It felt like the best run I’ve had in a long time!
To be on the safe side, when I got home I continued my routine of icing my shins/knees and took a few Motrin.
Thanks to both Dan & Dave for the invite, I hope we can do it again!
Tomorrow I’ll be doing 10 miles along the lakefront to kick off week 5 of training! Ep. 2 of “Distance Running” is currently in post and will hopefully be up by end of day Monday!

2 thoughts on “When you’re up, you’re up… THE HILL

  1. Nice job, Phil! I’m so annoyed I keep having my half iron training group when you kids keep meeting up. One of these days, the stars will align and I’ll be able to eat hills with you guys.

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