When you can’t run… Drink!

I was ready to go on my 10 miler today… I loaded up the camelbak with water and headed down Harrison… Nice and easy was the plan since did “The Hill” yesterday, surprisingly my legs felt fine.

My goal was to get in my 10 miles before the rain hit… FAIL!!!

About a half mile in it started to pour! So I circled back around and headed home. Total distance .84 miles. Boooooooo.

I’m waiting it out to see if it’ll stop, but the NHL playoff games start in an hour, and once that happens its over for today, cause then the sauce starts flowing.

Now before you start telling me that I should go to the gym and hop on a treadmill, I hate treadmills, they drastically increase my leg pain. And since my legs are feeling good I’m going with road or nothing!

Luckily Monday I get to go in to work super late, so what ever I don’t
get in today will be made up in the morning with maybe a little extra.

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