Bad decisions.

Lets take a minute to talk about bad decisions. In the past 4 weeks I’ve run a grand total of 0 times. 3 weeks of that was Dr’s orders, this week I was given the green light to get moving again, which I have failed to do. It’s not that I don’t want to run, I’ve just fallen out of my routine.

Lets fast forward to Saturday. Months ago I signed up for the Soldier Field 10 as one for my prep races for the Chicago Marathon. Instead I’ll be using it as an event to get me back on my running routine. Now the Dr did say I can start running again, however he wanted me to start off slow, which I will do after I get a 10 mile ass kicking this weekend.
This race will be somewhat of a punishment. But have no fear, I have faith that it will get me back on track and ready for 10-10-10!
Be sure to check back here to watch live feed from the SF10! Wish me luck!
Also, good luck to Cubicle Dad & my buddy Beefy. Hope to see you guys on race day…. 
Does anyone know CPR?

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