5 steps back…

I had one goal I wanted to meet before I started my Nike+ marathon training on March 30th. It was to be under 200lbs. It meant I had to lose 15 or more pounds… I changed everything I ate and was paying real close attention to everything I was taking in. And of course I was running about 15-20 miles a week.

I exceeded my goal by losing a total of 20 pounds. BALLLLA!

But since my Dr. required layoff everything went in the crapper. Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time. I’m still under 200lbs, but not by much. 198.

Seeing that number was a shock to my system. So today I run, regardless of the weather (it’s supposed to rain tonight) I will get in 2 miles.

I doesn’t take much to get back on my routine once I get going… but its getting going that takes the most effort. 
So at some point before the puck drops at 7pm, you should see a Nike+ update on my twitter account @philcastello.
If not… Well I’m in big trouble come October!

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