Dri-Fit and Me!

On my way to watch US/England yesterday I made quick stop at NikeTown to pick up my US jersey. I was wearing a t-shirt, one that I run in quite a bit. I’ve never really had a problem with t-shirts, I mean sure they get kind of gross when you sweat a lot but it’s not THAT bad…. Right?

If you recall the weather yesterday it was hot & humid, so my tshirt was already getting a little “clingy”…  Once I got my US jersey I took off the t-shirt and put on the jersey… OH MY GOD that felt so much better!
Nike’s National Team kits for the 2010 Wold Cup were designed using their Dri-Fit material. But they didn’t just stop there. They actually improved the Dri-Fit technology by making it 15% lighter.
It works by drawing sweat to the outside of the shirt, where it evaporates. They have also added ventilation zones, consisting of 200 tiny laser cut holes, on each side of the jersey to enhance breathability. Air can now pass across a players torso keeping you cooler.
I may have to slowly change out my whole wardrobe to Dri-Fit. It’ll surely make these hot/humid walks to work a little more pleasant… Oh yeah and it’ll be good for running too!


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