Time is running out!!

You see this?


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That’s the little amount of time I have left to get my ass in gear. Before my injury, I would make time to get my scheduled runs in. It seems like now I’m trying to “find time” run.
I was really motivated by David Wallach’s blog this morning. If you haven’t read it go ahead, I’ll give you a minute………………………………………………
I can make excuses about how I’ve had to go in to work early a lot lately or even stay late. But in all actuality I could still get some time in on the road.
I do have a late day of work scheduled, but I can squeeze in a few miles after that!

One thought on “Time is running out!!

  1. Thanks Dude. You are on your way, it’s a matter of carving out the time and making the most out of the workout you have.
    If you need anything let me know.

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