Part 2 of a 2 Part Run

I have to admit, I almost didn’t run. There was a voice in the back of my head saying “Well you DID already run a little this morning”

“Come on stay in, watch the ESPY’s and have a beer”
Well, that does sound good… except the ESPY’s part.
Then another voice popped in and said…
“Adam DESTROYED you in the last challenge. Do you really want that to happen again?”
Oooh he’s got a good point, where are my shoes.
So I went out and just did a couple of miles. I felt decent, and now I have a slight leg up on Adam in our newest challenge. Most miles in the next 2 weeks.
I’m gonna try and get in 3 to 4 miles tomorrow morning before work.
I have a lot of work to do to really get back on track, it’s not going to be easy… but then again neither is the Marathon.
Please make a donation to Cancer is Colorblind. I’m 40% to my goal and every little bit helps!

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