Can you waste a work out?

I love competition, and being that I lost the last Nike+ challenge to Adam, I’d LOVE to win the next one. 

Adam set up a challenge to see who could log the most distance in the next 2 weeks. The lead has changed twice already. I set out this morning and did a “speed walk” warm up with my family and then a 5 mile run immediately following.
I started my run and headed towards Soldier Field, it was when I got there I realized the my Nike+ Coach hadn’t given me an update. I know I had run about a mile. I pulled my iPhone out of my Camelbak and saw this…
Nike+ Fail

So I ran for 13 minutes and went nowhere?

I was furious. I pretty much lost all motivation to continue my run. I know this doesn’t affect my overall goal of the Marathon, and I know that I did actually run for that 13:13, but It won’t count for my current challenge. I felt like my whole workout was wasted because of that time.

I continued the run, but I could feel myself moving a lot slower than before plus my mind was wandering thinking about the heat and any little body ache I had. I checked my iphone a few times to make sure it didn’t fail me again. I think I was just looking for a reason to bail on the run all together. 
But I finished and ended up logging 2.5 miles on my run in 29:03 (BLAHHHHHHH).
I’ll see if I can make up my wasted distance tomorrow before it gets too damn hot.

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