iPhone OS 4.0.1 hates Nike+

If you read my blog the other day I felt like I completely wasted a workout cause my Nike+ decided to log time and no distance.

Well I have an update. Apparently the new iPhone 4.0 software is not yet compatible with Nike+ (good one Apple!). To make matters even worse I updated to the newest iPhone OS, version 4.0.1 and it completely took Nike+ off my phone!
I didn’t notice until I went out for my run this morning. Luckily I have a Nike+ Sportband!!
I figured this was just some stupid glitch, so I restored the phone with no luck. I called Apple (and am currently still on hold). The Tech support guy didn’t have any clue what Nike+ was and told me that no third party apps come preloaded on the phone.
His suggestion was to use iTunes and re-download it. Once again I told him it isn’t a download. So his *Genius* answer is to call iTunes and ask them to provide a download.
So I’m on hold… waiting to hear what comes of this… Next I’m going to call Nike to see what they have to say about this.
This would be a real blow for someone who exclusively uses the iPhone to track their runs or uses a Nike+ training program.
I’ll keep you updated.
Well surprise surprise, after 15 minutes on hold iTunes cannot provide a download. This guy now wants me to hold for 10mins to get his Senior Advisor on the line to assist.
I am currently waiting for an email response from Nike Media Relations.
The Senior Advisor Scott suggested a factory restore rather and a restore from back up. I’ll have to try it when I get home. Even it it works it’s a huge pain in the ass because I’ll have to set up my phone as if were brand new!
I got an email from a representative at Nike telling me they are aware of the issue and they’re working closely with Apple to fix it. They will update Nike+ members as soon as they have it resolved.
As far as Nike+ being deleted off the phone with the 4.0.1 update, a factory restore DID bring the application back. But all my workout history, PR’s and calibrations are gone. It’s not the end of the world but it is a major inconvenience. Not to mention have to re-setup every setting on the phone.
I talked to another iPhone/Nike+ user who told me that he does love his iPhone, but given all the issues he’s had he is more inclined to switch to a Droid phone next time he can upgrade.
Looks like Apple has gone from first to worst in just a matter of weeks.

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