Not so nice and easy.

The 70* temperature seemed perfect and the sun wasn’t blaring down like it had been on my last few runs. I loaded up my camelbak gave Sammy something cold to chew on and headed out from my run.

Right off the bat my legs felt a little stiff, but not painful. It was pretty slow going with a 10:15 pace, my scheduled distance was only 3 miles, but I was thinking 5. As we shuffled past the Field Museum I was feeling tired but continued to chug along the lake path past Buckingham Fountain… That was when I was thinking about cutting it short. I decided to just go to the Yacht Club and circle around. It would be shorter that 5 miles but at least 4.
I turned off the path a Congress and headed home. By getting off the path I ended up running in to a fair amount of traffic which hurt my pace (not that I was moving that fast anyway). 
I finished up doing just over 4 miles (4.13) with an average pace of 11:14.
I’m not pleased with this run at all really, but I am happy I didn’t bail on it completely. I’m not sure what tomorrow will be, but hopefully it’s better than today.

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