Diets are stupid… So there.

I hate diets and dieting. The main problem is that I LOVE food, specifically dinner. When I wake up one of the first things I think about if what I should make for dinner (Thanks Mom, I’m blaming you for that). I was texting my wife at 9:30am about going for wings and beer tonight!

The majority of diets and dieters often make you feel like you’re missing out on something. Being healthy is supposed to make you feel good. I think a big reason people give up on diets is because they feel like they can’t go out to eat and have fun cause it’ll ruin their diet.
Here’s what it comes down to. Diets are all about choices and portion control, and they’re even more effective when combined with exercise. (Did I shock anyone by saying that). I’m trying to lose some more weight before the Chicago Marathon, but I didn’t deny my self some Giordano’s pizza last night. I ate 4 pieces and didn’t go to bed hungry (I actually went to bed with a Klondike Bar!!).
I found a great iPhone app called Lose It it asks you a couple of general questions about your height, weight and goals then calculates how many calories you need per day to achieve them. It has a whole library of restaurants and foods to help you log what you’re eating during the day and will even let you log a workout. If you keep tabs on what you’re taking in and the energy you’re putting out, meeting weight goals won’t be an issue. Since I was aware of my calorie budget I could have pizza and ice cream with out sabotaging my efforts.
If you make the right choices on what to eat during the day you’ll be fine. You shouldn’t feel like you’re limiting what you eat but you should have a little control. And make sure to add some exercise to really earn those wings an beer!

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