What a nice day off

Today is another rest day. Which is good because I think Hurricane Bonnie got my new address from the people at WBBH in Ft. Myers. This is not weather I would want to run in.

I’m doing some “recovery” from my wing and beer fest last night. I met up with my friend “Beefy” after work and we grabbed a couple of beers at PJ Clarke’s and then headed to the South Loop for the Friday wing and beer special…  Boy am I feeling it today.
I’m re hydrating now, and I just did some stretching and yoga. Once the weather lets up (which should be soon according to Ginger Zee) I’m going to go out for a short run to set up my Adidas MiPacer that I’ll be reviewing over the next few weeks.
After that I’m relaxing and enjoying the day off.
Tomorrow I’m shooting for 5 miles and lighter the rest of the week leading up to the Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.
Have a good day everybody!

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