Another 5 miles

I got up at my usual 6am today and started getting ready for a run. I was excited cause I was going to take my new Garmin 305 for a test drive. My body felt stiff but I got my crap together and went out.

Uuugh it was hot and humid. The air felt thick, I “acquired satellite signals” and trotted along with 5 miles in my sights. I felt good through-out the run, but I couldn’t help but think about the longer runs I have coming up including the Marathon. I think I freaked myself out a little thinking about how tired I was after the RnR, knowing thats only the 1/2 way point for CM10.
As I turned round to finish the run I was thinking about how I got addicted to running… I blame “Beefy” and the 6.5 mile run he took me on last year. I feel like I’ve come pretty far since then. The rest of this week is pretty light and I open up next week with a 13 miler along the lake and finish with Beefy and Champions 10K on the 21st. My legs feel great and there is still more training to prepare for CM10, so thats good news!
I’m also going to pick up some new shoes next week, that will in theory be my marathon shoes. I just need to find out what color will make me go faster!

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