Can someone turn down the humidity!?!?!

I had a 3 mile run planed this morning, easy right. Well Yeah… except for this damn humidity. It was killing me. I headed down Michigan Ave and through Grant Park, past Soldier Field and around the Shedd Aquarium. It’s a route I’ve been running for a long time. But today it just seemed painful.

My legs were a little sore in the beginning, but I’m attributing that to general morning stiffness. My plan was to keep a nice low heart rate and coast through the 3 miles. Buuut I forgot my HR monitor. No biggie, I just ran anyway.
Tomorrow I’m going to do a REAL easy 5 or 6 miles, Friday and Saturday I’ll rest, then Sunday I’m going for a long run from the Field Museum to Irving Park Rd. and back. Lets hope some of this heat and humidity go away by then!
Here is a breakdown of todays run.

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