Rest day here I come!!!

6 mile run in 1,000 degree heart… DONE!

I love the heat, but I hate running in it. The best way of motivating myself for this mornings run was thinking to my self… “Tomorrow I don’t have to do this.”
It’s not workout, it’s just the heat. I had an easy run planned, my goal was to keep my HR under 170 and to stay in zone 4. I’m still new at this whole HR and zone business, but I have to say I really like it.
I was rocking my new Garmin 305, and had set my heart rate goal, with the exception of the last hill I kept my HR low. It peaked at 173 while climbing that damn hill! By paying more attention to my HR I wasn’t so focused on my time which was a nice change. It wasn’t until the last mile that I was paying attention to my TRT (total running time, it’s a TV term).
If it wasn’t for the traffic on Michigan Ave, I would have had a PR for 6 miles. Which would have been great. I wasn’t tired, my legs felt good, I was just hot. When I finished the run I realized that I had nearly emptied my Camelbak long the way! I was surprised because I didn’t even do that during the Rock N’ Roll 1/2!!!
I’m looking forward to the next 2 days off and then an early long run on Sunday. Here is a recap of today’s run.

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