The run from hell!

Temperature-wise, I think hell was a little cooler today. But as far as the population goes I think there were just as many ass-holes. I guess it served me right for running north along the lake path through the crowd of Air & Water Show-goers towing coolers, grills and enough camping supplies to leave home for a month.

And believe me I wasn’t the only idiot trying to get a workout in, there were plenty of other runners and cyclists. So really we’re all idiots.
The 1st half of my run wasn’t bad, there was a nice breeze coming off the lake just north of Navy Pier, It was still a little overcast, which made the 80* temp more bearable. I had a Camelbak full of Accelerade and was feeling good coming in to mile 5 of my planned 13 mile run…. It was somewhere within that same mile that things went terribly wrong.
There was no doubt I was hot, and I was nearing the half way point, but I just felt awful. I can’t put a finger on what it was exactly. My legs felt good, I wasn’t winded, I think I was just hot!!! (The smell of 700 grills wasn’t helping either!)
I got to the half way point and took a minute to walk and rest… that minute turned into a mile. I slammed a Clif SHOT and started moving again, slowly. I pulled on my Camelback and got a slug of hot Accelerade.. Gross, there was a water fountain ahead so I stopped to fill my tank with some less hot water (totally wasn’t cold). I could have made tea, it was disgusting.
I ran another mile back through the crowds and vendors and had to walk again… I just couldn’t keep cool enough. I ended up run/walking the next mile. I hate run/walking. It makes me feel like such a failure.
I looked at my watch, only a mile and a half left and then I’d be done. I was gonna run it, no question. I was trying to keep my mind off of how hot I was.
I thought about one of the first runs I went on about a year ago in Miami, I was so out of shape that I was dead after a mile. Then I started thinking about the ice bath I was going to sit in when I got done today. I started to laugh cause as good as it sounded I knew I was going to be a big sally when I sat it it… I always think it’s Too Cold.. IT’S AN ICE BATH MORON!!!
Next thing to know I only had one more block to go. THANK GOD!!! I finished out took a deep breath and walked home. I checked my time, 2:51 DAMNIT!!! That was 11 minutes slower than I ran the RnR… I was really upset. 
But the more I thought about it, this run felt a lot longer than that. Overall I’m still disappointed… I really hope we get break with the weather on 10-10-10. I think snow would be ok!!!
Here is a recap of this travesty.

4 thoughts on “The run from hell!

  1. Hey Buddy.

    You were running through a war zone in the worst possible conditions. Don’t beat yourself up. File it away, use it and remember, it will never be THAT bad on 10-10-10.
    You made it through.

  2. Are you serious? You did within 15 minutes of your race time in the conditions you describe and were tough enought to force yourself to finish… definately chalk this one up as a win! Mark it “W” (as we say in the hockey locker room). When my Nike Plus quit on me the other day I just hitched a ride home.

  3. Thanks Dave. I think it was just post run frustration. I’ve moved on!!!

    Adam – I’m not sure hitch hiking in Chicago is a good idea… That’s your picture cause you don’t have a picture, until then you’re a pot hole. Live with it!!! hahaha!

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