I’m burned out.

I’m exhausted. It was a long weekend in fact it’s been a long couple of weeks. My back and body have been achy, which has definitely slowed my running but I’m still keeping active. I’ve been on my bike a couple of times a week and I’ve made it a point to take some long walks. I’m making sure not to fall in to the empty pit of inactivity like I did after I my injury.

Its been hard to make time for running lately. I’ve been in the process of renting out my condo and finding a place to live. And if you add in working long days it almost seems like there’s not enough time.
But with the big day just over a month away we have to squeeze in the milage when ever we can.
This is a fairly light week for me. I have 5 miles to do tonight, 3 tomorrow and 10 on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are going to be rest days and then I’m going for a 20 mile long haul on Sunday. I’ll be running on the lake path from the Field Museum North to the end of the path and back. If you’re interested in doing this long haul Let me know and I’ll tell you what time I’m going!
I’m gonna try and post a video of it, which should be fun!

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