Marathon Nightmare!

I know a few people who have told me they’ve had “marathon dreams”. They’ve dreamt about the start, finish, who they cross the line with. I have had zero dreams that included the marathon. None.

But the other night I had what I would classify as a marathon nightmare. In this dream the excitement about walking up to the start line was replaced with panic. In my dream everything was going wrong. It started with me realizing I left my Nike+ at home. Then My Garmin was missing, I looked down and realized I was wearing one new running shoe and one horribly old one, my running partner was missing, I forgot my gels…. The list just keeps going. And just to keep with the odd theme of this dream nightmare, apparently they decided to move the start of the race to in front of my parents house in Lake Zurich, because thats where all this drama was taking place.
I’m chalking the whole thing up to stress. I mentioned that my training wasn’t going well last week, I’m moving in 3 days, I’ve had a lot of stress at work oh and I’m running a marathon for the first time……. I’m gonna have to cut down of the coffee before I FREAK OUT!
The remaining workouts leading up to the race don’t go above 10 miles. I have 3 miles tomorrow, 7 on Wednesday and 5 on Thursday. Wednesday will be a rough day cause thats the day I’m moving, but I should be able to get through it.
Ok I’m off to go take some deep breaths……

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