Ouch… my everything hurts!

Ouch… my everything hurts!

I’m not sure if it’s cold weather or what, but I’ve been achy. My back is acting up, which tends to happen with lack of activity! I haven’t put in much “good” distance in lately. There’s been a lot going on at work which has been draining over the last two weeks, so thats been my excuse of the month!

I have a run planned for tomorrow morning to kick start my weekend! Monday I get to touch base with Coach Jen! I’m anxious to get back in a routine, I think part of my issue right now is I don’t know what to do with my self. I’ve been on a program for so long that I feel like I’ve forgotten how to just run!
It sounds ridiculous I know, but I think it’s true. Ok I have to get some serious work done today, then it’s time to relax!


I’ve narrowed my list of Ironman 70.3’s down to two, The Vineman 70.3 in Sonoma County CA and Steelhead in Benton Harbor MI. Both races seem awesome. I think California sounds appealing cause in my mind it would be sort of a mini-vacation in reality I’d be 70.3 miles of racing!

Benton Harbor is also awesome. I haven’t been up there in over 10 years. I love the area, it’s close enough to drive, which eliminates have to ship my bike (which I don’t have yet).
But I’m getting ahead of myself. I still need to win the Distance Challenge in order to pick my race, and by the tone in Adam’s voice this morning he’s not going to make it easy! I told him I was confident that I would win, and in turn pick the event.
Plus there is a LOT of work to do in the training department still to come. Which brings me to my next order of business… I’VE GOT A COACH!!!                     title.jpg
I mentioned last week that I was looking for some guidance. I emailed a few places/coaches one of them being Coach Jen Harrison. I first heard about Coach Jen from CubicleDad, andafter doing some research on coaches and coaching, I knew I had to work with her. When I told her that I was ready to get started on her program she replied
“PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news ever!!! YOU will love it!”

How’s that for enthusiasm? I filled out some initial paper work talking about the goals I have for next year and what races I want to run. Then on Monday we’re going to chat and I’ll findout what the next step is!

I’m anxious to get started, and looking forward to a new year, a new program and a new event!
Where the sidewalk ends…

Where the sidewalk ends…

Remember that book? Well yesterday I found out exactly where the sidewalk ended. The answer is Des Plaines, IL. 

I went for a 4 mile run and had to back track several times because there was no sidewalk torun on. WHAT THE HELL!!

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 10.51.44 AM.png

The first time I noticed the lack of sidewalks in the area was last week. We took a family walk just to run to Walgreens. It’s 1 mile walk door to door. But about 3/4 mile in there was no more sidewalk.

After spending the last 4 years living in the loop I’ve gotten used to walking everywhere. I still walk to and from the Metra everyday. Why is it the suburban way to drive everywhere?

I’ve seen some trails in the area, but I have yet to find the entrance to them. I’m gonna be pretty miserable if I have to spend ALL winter running indoors!

I logged on to Nike+ to use the “Map It” program to see if anyone logged any solid routes near me, but it looked like every one is back tracking on their runs. And currently there aren’t many longer than a couple miles.

If anyone has any good routes in the Des Plaines area please share them. 

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Thanks to everyone who took time to vote and gather votes in the Ironman v. Half Ironman Challenge. I’m happy to say that the voting did go in my favor and now it’s up to me to lock down in the Distance Challenge portion of the challenge.
Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 3.50.25 PM.png
Adam and I will compete in a 30 day Nike+ distance race, which will give me that chance to lock in my win or him the chance to overturn the vote. So I’m not in the clear yet.
However I did compile my list of races I want to run in 2011. They’re all running races and depending on the 70.3 we choose some of them may not be an option. Also I’m going to talk to my coach (once I pick one) about adding in both bike and swimming races, or better yet what they recommend!!!
I was emailing with Cubicle Dad yesterday and of course running Chicago in 2011 came up. Again, Ideally it;s something I’d like to do, but it will depend on what my coach would think and on the timing of the 70.3. I know I can’t guarantee the weather of CM11, but I want my chance to break 5 hours.
Damn I have some serious goals for next year!!! But in all honesty my main goal will be the 70.3, so I need to find out what its going to take to get there before I start adding the Marathon in!
I’m also narrowing the list of 70.3’s to decide what I want to do… here is my current list.
I know that’s not a SHORT list, but I’m still looking in to it… so simmer down.
Wow, what a long week!!!

Wow, what a long week!!!

Wow it’s been a long week. A lot of work stress and no running don’t mix well.

I’ve been laying low since CM10, I did the Pumpkins in the Park 5k last sat. We went nice and easy and had a lot of fun doing it. I did one other easy 2 mile around my neighborhood too. But that’s it.

I’ve been resting up for the IM v. HIM Challenge between me and “Capt. Idiot” Adam to determine what race we’re doing next year. Which brings me to my next bout of stress… How to train for this.

I’ve been doing some research on Tri coaches. My marathon training schedule was set by Nike+ but for a Half Ironman I’m gonna need help…. Lots of help. I’m going to take the weekend and make a coaching decision, make a list of the races I want to run throughout the year and mentally prepare for what’s ahead.

Sunday I’m going to investigate the Forrest Preserve near my house and try some of the run trails. It’ll be my first “real” workout for the year of training ahead. And it’ll be the first run logged in the Distance Challenge.

That’s all for now. I’m on the train heading home to enjoy the Blackhawks game and my weekend ahead.


Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

Incase you couldn’t tell I’m a big supporter of the Nike+ system. It’s what kept me motivated to keep running and provided the training program I used to get ready for the Chicago Marathon.

The day before the race I got a chance to meet with some Nike staff and talk about the new Nike+ GPS iPhone app (available in the app store).

At first I was skeptical, I have tried other iPhone GPS apps for runners during the course of my Marathon training and they didn’t really workout… Mostly because they didnt work. One would assume that using GPS would provide an accurate log of your distance. Most apps I tried failed to do that.

So when Nike told me about their GPS app for Nike+ I was sure I was going to get the same result….

I was mistaken!

The new app offers some great new additions to Nike+. Lets talk about the obvious first… GPS tracking. For current Nike+ users this eliminates the need for the shoe sensor, which I’m sure we can all agree has caused us some headaches in the past. The app uses the GPS sensor in the iPhone to track your distance, pace AND provide you a map of your route after you run!

But the app also allows you to run indoors too. (Say whaaaaaa?!?). By using your phones, gy… um gyro… that thing that makes your screen turn and stuff… You know that thing… Well by using that it can track your run on a treadmill just as the original Nike+ shoe sensor did. All of your run info can then be automatically uploaded to the Nike+ website with out having to sync your phone… Pretty nifty huh.

But I think my favorite new feature is “Challenge Me”. Its an option in the designed to bring your training to a new level. When using “Challenge Me”, you are able to try and set a variety of new PR’s including speed, distance and duration.

With Nike+ GPS you still get your same functions as the original iPhone app as far as voice updates, but for you Facebook fanatics there’s something new….

Have you ever just needed a little extra motivation on your run? Well Nike’s got you covered. When you begin your run using the new GPS app you have the option automatically posting it on facebook. So when your friends are checking your status and see “Phil is out for a run, cheer him on” when your friend clicks “Cheer Phil on” you’ll hear the crowd cheering you on through your headphones.

The app is definitely a great addition to the Nike+ family. I think anyone looking for some motivation to start running or complete a new running goal could benefit for trying it out.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your new running goal is for a chance to win the new Nike+ GPS app!


Am I just part of a growing fad?!?!

I was reading Fortune magazine of the train this morning (true story) and there was a blurb on page 29 of this months issue that talked about Triathlons, specifically Ironman.

Since we’re right in the middle of the Ironman Challenge (have you voted yet, cause you should) I found this really interesting..

“Forget marathons. Today it’s all about triathlons, the run-bike-swim competitions that range from”sprints to 140.6 mile Ironman survival tests. 

More than 1.2 million Americans finished a tri last year, up 51% from 2007. There’s even an Ironman Executive Challenge Series for 100 top industry titans, such as Juan Andrade, president of the Hartford. Seeing dollar signs is World Triathlon Corp., which is branding Ironman products all over town. Here is a sampling. -J.S.”

Fortune Magazine October 18, 2010

I’ve read about World Triathlon Corp “over branding” Ironman and the M-DOT logo on a few different forums. When I was a kid running cross-country and track in jr high I had a Timex ironman watch, and I’ve seen the M-DOT sunglasses and water bottles at wal-marts and other everyday retailers. But ironman coffee… and what was the sales pitch for the fragrance?

“Don’t you want to smell like you just completed 14 hours and 140.6 miles of racing, use ironman cologne.”


I guess every Corp needs to find alternative ways to make money, and I’m sure there are enough people out there who recognize the logo and brand and will buy products based off of that. But for me, the only M-DOT logo I want to see will be at a finish line in 2011.