Ouch… my everything hurts!

I'm not sure if it's cold weather or what, but I've been achy. My back is acting up, which tends to happen with lack of activity! I haven't put in much "good" distance in lately. There's been a lot going on at work which has been draining over the last two weeks, so thats been … Continue reading Ouch… my everything hurts!


I've narrowed my list of Ironman 70.3's down to two, The Vineman 70.3 in Sonoma County CA and Steelhead in Benton Harbor MI. Both races seem awesome. I think California sounds appealing cause in my mind it would be sort of a mini-vacation in reality I'd be 70.3 miles of racing!Benton Harbor is also awesome. … Continue reading I GOT A COACH!!!

Where the sidewalk ends…

Remember that book? Well yesterday I found out exactly where the sidewalk ended. The answer is Des Plaines, IL.  I went for a 4 mile run and had to back track several times because there was no sidewalk torun on. WHAT THE HELL!! The first time I noticed the lack of sidewalks in the area was last … Continue reading Where the sidewalk ends…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I WON I WON!!!!Thanks to everyone who took time to vote and gather votes in the Ironman v. Half Ironman Challenge. I'm happy to say that the voting did go in my favor and now it's up to me to lock down in the Distance Challenge portion of the challenge.Adam and I will compete in … Continue reading Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Wow, what a long week!!!

Wow it's been a long week. A lot of work stress and no running don't mix well.I've been laying low since CM10, I did the Pumpkins in the Park 5k last sat. We went nice and easy and had a lot of fun doing it. I did one other easy 2 mile around my neighborhood … Continue reading Wow, what a long week!!!

Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

Incase you couldn't tell I'm a big supporter of the Nike+ system. It's what kept me motivated to keep running and provided the training program I used to get ready for the Chicago Marathon. The day before the race I got a chance to meet with some Nike staff and talk about the new Nike+ … Continue reading Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

Am I just part of a growing fad?!?!

I was reading Fortune magazine of the train this morning (true story) and there was a blurb on page 29 of this months issue that talked about Triathlons, specifically Ironman. Since we're right in the middle of the Ironman Challenge (have you voted yet, cause you should) I found this really interesting.. "Forget marathons. Today … Continue reading Am I just part of a growing fad?!?!

The endurance athletes guide to productivity

The Ironman vs. Half Ironman Challenge is well under way. I'm excited to say the my Half Ironman group has held the lead so far. Voting goes through the end of the day Saturday, so if you haven't please vote!My brother sent me an alternate idea for a 2011 race that TECHNICALLY still falls under … Continue reading The endurance athletes guide to productivity

Who is that fat guy?

Oh crap it was me!I'm really not here to tell you an amazing weight loss story, I'll leave that to Cubicle Dad! He did something I don't think I could ever accomplish.Yesterday I had asked Adam for some pictures for an upcoming blog, he sent me one from a few weeks before be started training … Continue reading Who is that fat guy?