Who is that fat guy?

Oh crap it was me!

I’m really not here to tell you an amazing weight loss story, I’ll leave that to Cubicle Dad! He did something I don’t think I could ever accomplish.

Yesterday I had asked Adam for some pictures for an upcoming blog, he sent me one from a few weeks before be started training for CM10. I remember the day we took it. We were taking before and after shots of the Barbershop shaves we were going to get at Mario’s Barbershop on Southport (if you’ve never been… GO! Mario & Zoran will take good care of you!!)

I saw the picture and was amazed at how fat my face was! At my heaviest I tipped the scales at 210. Ideally my “fighting weight” is 170, a weight I haven’t seen since I got married in 2007.

Right now I bounce around the 190 mark. Not ideal… But not 210. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, which is good cause I don’t have much else to say. But take a peak at my before and after.


  BEFORE: March 2010
AFTER: 10-10-10
As you can see the girl in the background is also amazed at my progress!

6 thoughts on “Who is that fat guy?

  1. Great blog…. but you left out the part where you say that looking back at your accomplishments over the last year you feel UNSTOPPABLE and are excited and looking forward to training for and completing an ironman triathalon in approximately one year…. None of the HALF stuff for you!!!

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