Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

Incase you couldn’t tell I’m a big supporter of the Nike+ system. It’s what kept me motivated to keep running and provided the training program I used to get ready for the Chicago Marathon.

The day before the race I got a chance to meet with some Nike staff and talk about the new Nike+ GPS iPhone app (available in the app store).

At first I was skeptical, I have tried other iPhone GPS apps for runners during the course of my Marathon training and they didn’t really workout… Mostly because they didnt work. One would assume that using GPS would provide an accurate log of your distance. Most apps I tried failed to do that.

So when Nike told me about their GPS app for Nike+ I was sure I was going to get the same result….

I was mistaken!

The new app offers some great new additions to Nike+. Lets talk about the obvious first… GPS tracking. For current Nike+ users this eliminates the need for the shoe sensor, which I’m sure we can all agree has caused us some headaches in the past. The app uses the GPS sensor in the iPhone to track your distance, pace AND provide you a map of your route after you run!

But the app also allows you to run indoors too. (Say whaaaaaa?!?). By using your phones, gy… um gyro… that thing that makes your screen turn and stuff… You know that thing… Well by using that it can track your run on a treadmill just as the original Nike+ shoe sensor did. All of your run info can then be automatically uploaded to the Nike+ website with out having to sync your phone… Pretty nifty huh.

But I think my favorite new feature is “Challenge Me”. Its an option in the designed to bring your training to a new level. When using “Challenge Me”, you are able to try and set a variety of new PR’s including speed, distance and duration.

With Nike+ GPS you still get your same functions as the original iPhone app as far as voice updates, but for you Facebook fanatics there’s something new….

Have you ever just needed a little extra motivation on your run? Well Nike’s got you covered. When you begin your run using the new GPS app you have the option automatically posting it on facebook. So when your friends are checking your status and see “Phil is out for a run, cheer him on” when your friend clicks “Cheer Phil on” you’ll hear the crowd cheering you on through your headphones.

The app is definitely a great addition to the Nike+ family. I think anyone looking for some motivation to start running or complete a new running goal could benefit for trying it out.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your new running goal is for a chance to win the new Nike+ GPS app!

2 thoughts on “Another great tool from Nike+ & a chance to win it!

  1. I use the Nike + system as well, and I was also sceptical of this new app. After using it I say I LOVE IT! I love the the route mapping, which includes run speed overlaid (color of route) on your actual route. It seems to be accurate as the runs I have done with the app correspond to the length I got while running with the shoe chip. For me BY FAR the best new feature is being able to up load your runs directly to the website without having to sync the phone. For the longest time I have wondered with my phone connectivity why I had to sync with itunes to upload my run data… THANK YOU NIKE!!!

    The only problems I have experience with the Nike + system revolve around communication problems between my chip and my phone… and this takes the chip out of the equation.

    One of my favorite part of the Nike + program is having access to run data while on the go. This has come in handy talking to friends but also doctors and trainers so I can tell them EXACTLY what my training consists of. The new app interface is different from the original history interface, but still user friendly and helpful. The new bigger print makes reading it easier… but harder to look at large amount of data. Definately not a deal killer.

    You want this app! Leave comments to be entered…. but even if you dont win it, it is well worth the price of the app.

  2. OOOPS!!! Another thing I absolutely LOVE about the app is that the chip is not required. Up to this point I had a specific pair of shoes with the chip that I would use for all of my runs. Nike + has become such a part of my workouts that if I didnt have the shoes with, I would just not run. With the app, I can run any time I feel the urge (because I always have my phone with me). I havent tried out the app with a treadmill or running inside, but I have been very please with the results with all my outside running thus far.

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