Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Thanks to everyone who took time to vote and gather votes in the Ironman v. Half Ironman Challenge. I’m happy to say that the voting did go in my favor and now it’s up to me to lock down in the Distance Challenge portion of the challenge.
Screen shot 2010-10-23 at 3.50.25 PM.png
Adam and I will compete in a 30 day Nike+ distance race, which will give me that chance to lock in my win or him the chance to overturn the vote. So I’m not in the clear yet.
However I did compile my list of races I want to run in 2011. They’re all running races and depending on the 70.3 we choose some of them may not be an option. Also I’m going to talk to my coach (once I pick one) about adding in both bike and swimming races, or better yet what they recommend!!!
I was emailing with Cubicle Dad yesterday and of course running Chicago in 2011 came up. Again, Ideally it;s something I’d like to do, but it will depend on what my coach would think and on the timing of the 70.3. I know I can’t guarantee the weather of CM11, but I want my chance to break 5 hours.
Damn I have some serious goals for next year!!! But in all honesty my main goal will be the 70.3, so I need to find out what its going to take to get there before I start adding the Marathon in!
I’m also narrowing the list of 70.3’s to decide what I want to do… here is my current list.
I know that’s not a SHORT list, but I’m still looking in to it… so simmer down.

3 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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  2. Thank you to everyone who voted. We got a great response (well over the 100 I was expecting). It felt really good to see such support both ways, and it was great fun to share my dreams, past successes, training plans, and life with so many of you. As we begin the distance challenge and then our training it is very good to know how many people care and are involved

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