And it begins!!!

Yesterday I had a call with Coach Jen to talk about the goals I had set for the year and what I need to do to achieve them…. Wow I have a lot to do!

Jen was awesome! I have to admit that I was a little concerned that she was going to tell me I was an idiot and that my goals were too far fetched. But it was exactly the opposite!

Right off the bat she said I needed to hook up with masters swim team… Ooooooooook. After some research I found a team that turned out to be a blast from my past… The Buehler Breakers at the Buehler YMCA. I spent MANY years working at the Buehler pool, so I’m familiar with their program. I shot an email to Darby, who heads the masters program and she gave me all the info I needed. So starting Saturday I’ll be in the pool with masters.

The next thing Jen said I needed was a bike trainer, luckily this is something I’ve already looked into, so I had an idea of what I needed. I sent her the info I what I was looking to purchase and she approved! 

Next we talked about races. It seems like all the running races I want to do for the year should be fine! Coach said that once the weather breaks she can hook me up with some riding groups and bike races and with masters my swimming races will be covered. Then itwas on to the big one… Ironman 70.3. I hadnarrowed it down to Vineman and Steelhead. Jen said Vineman is a great course, it’s extremely hilly but didn’t recommend it for a first timer… Maybe next year! Sounded fair to me… Steelhead it is!   steelhead703.png

My next piece of homework was to find a Sprint and Olympic Tri to do before Steelhead, I’m working on that this morning!

Then came the races after Steelhead. Jen says that Chicago 2011 is doable… NICE!!! I’m also interested in the Disney Marathon in 2012… But lets keep focus on 2011….

Our conversation was awesome! i was more pumped to start training than before! By the end of the day I had my first 2 weeks of training scheduled in Training Peaks… WOW Jen’s not messing around!!!

Today I have a short run with pickups and tomorrow I’m in the gym for strength training and a little biking, the rest of the week plays out like this

Thurs: Swim
Fri: Run
Sat: Swim with Masters
Sun: Bike

Unfortunately I have to run after work, which I HATE to do. But Tracy was on call last night and wont be home until 9ish this morning, so I don’t want to have to bundle Sammy up and plop him in the jogger!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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