No Lifeguard… Swim at your own risk!

It’s probably better that the Xsport pool doesn’t have lifeguards, that way no one is there to mock the awful swimming workout I attempted to complete this morning.

I was pumped and ready, I woke up before my 4:30am alarm, quickly packed my bag and was off to the pool.

Coach Jen had a total of 2000 yards planned for today. I started off with a 700 yard warm up… I felt good for the 1st 150… By 225 my arms were feeling it… Stop rest… 325… Stop rest… At this point I would say my arms felt like sheet metal… 500 … Rest … Ok NOW  my arms feel like lead… I glanced at the clock and can’t believe how much time ive spent on the warm up!!!!

Unless my last name is Phelps, there is no way I had time to finish this workout!!!! DAMNIT PHIL!!!!

Ok I slowly finish the remaining 200 of my warmup and move on. I have two 100yd catch-ups with 75yd swims, resting 30 sec in-between…

With as slow as I was swimming, I couldn’t catch a cold! I could barley lift my arms… Shoulders burning! I finished that set… And that was it. I spent an hour and didn’t even get to the main set.

I left the gym disappointed. I know swimming is my weakest link, but I didn’t think it was that weak. 

I logged in to Training Peaks to log my post workout notes for Coach Jen, letting her know I did not live up to todays challenge. About 10 minutes later she emailed me.. 

Hey Phil, Good to know….For these swim workouts, as we get back into swim shape….just take them easy and one set at a time.  Do your best in the prescribed time, enter what you do and we will move forward and adjust as necessary….the arms will come around in about 4 weeks or so! Jen

So, I guess it’s good news that she expects my arms will rise to the challenge in 4 weeks, the bad news is it could be a LOOOOOOOONG 4 weeks!

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