The weeks almost over… Have I won yet?

My goal was to destroy this week. Here I am, Friday afternoon I’m on 2 hours of sleep and I have several hours of work ahead of me tonight…. I’m not sure who’s winning

I do have a 45 min scheduled…. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly when it’s scheduled for… The good news is, this week isn’t “normal” for me. I don’t usually do late shoots at work, our weekly show isn’t usually this hard to put together. All I have to do is survive and I’ll consider it a win!
Last night I registered for Mooseman, I’m pumped. We have a destination. Now all we need to do is put in the work to get there and finish… That’s the “easy” part right?
Coach Jen told me last week that she would do all the thinking, all I have to do is execute then.
I’m going to try and sneak my run in right before my shoot… Tomorrow I’m in the pool with masters for the first time.Based on yesterday’s swim workout, this might be more difficult than I anticipated. The pool is what kick off my jam packed weekend. After the swim I have about 1,000 things to do to get ready for Sammy’s 1st birthday party. and I only have until about 4:00 cause then I’m headed to the Emmy’s! … Also very exciting. Out show is up for 2 awards and one of our hosts is up for an award… Obviously I’ll let you know if we win!!!
Of course win our lose there’s an after party, which I can;t stay at very long cause Sunday morning I’m on the bike for a 60 min ride, then it;s back home for final party prep/execution.
Monday… I rest (well except for work).
Ok, lets get this done.

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