What a week!!!

What a week. I’m exhausted. Coach Jen is not messing around! I have been in ironman mode since Tuesday, and there’s no stopping now!

I did miss one workout on Friday. It was a long sleep deprived Thursday night, which turned in to both an early and late day on Friday. I was sent to interview Daaaaaa Coach, Mike Ditka for our show… It was awesome… I don’t want to give too much away… But can you can you made Da Coach cry? Didn’t think so

After that I had to finish our upcoming Open House show, the go back out at 5p to produce the 85′ Bears reunion show at The Arie Crown… I was beat when I got home, so I did not run…

Saturday I hit the pool with the Buehler Breakers… I explained it to coach Jen as a near death experience. I had to modify my workout a little, but I survived! The rest of the day was spent preping for my son’s 1st birthday party, which was going to be the next day. I also went to the Emmy Awards on Saturday night cause both of my shows were nominated for awards. We won one and lost one… But more importantly WE WON ONE!!! 

I shall now be referred to at Emmy winning Prodecer –  Editor Phil Castello!!!! But you can just call me Phil. 

After some late night celebrating with the Open House Chicago team… And my friend Jonnie Walker. I was ready for a Sunday bike ride followed by a 1st birthday party. The ride was good, the party was great!!! But needless to say I’m wiped. 

Monday was a rest day and today I’m back in action!!!

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