Playing Catch-up

I thought my long weeks were over. I was mistaken. I apologize for not being active on here lately. It seems like everytime I have a free minute something comes up.

Let me catch you up… Work had another lovely computer meltdown last week. Which was a big problem because it was affecting putting our show on air. We also were away for a wedding this weekend, my wife was the maid of honor, so that kept her busy doing bridal party stuff, and I got to hang around with Sammy! But the days were long and 1year olds don’t handle long days well. 

All of this was on top of my usual hectic work schedule and my 6 day a week training schedule. I don’t think there was a workout all of last week that felt comfortable.

I’ve written before about how I prefer to train in the morning, that really wasn’t an option this past week. It was more along the lines of working out anytime I could squeeze it in. So I think that was a big part of the problem.

Personally I like to schedule workouts so I’m not immediately rushing off to do something else when they’re over.

Today begins a new week of training. Week 3 I think. I got up just before 5am and hopped on my bike trainer. It’s really a fantastic tool. I’m a big fan of not having to “go anywhere” to train. With running the workout starts right out the front door, biking starts and ends in my living room. I find swimming and strength training more annoying cause there is travel to and from the gym involved. And now that I’m suburban, that means driving a few miles instead of just walking two blocks.

My bike session was great. Coach Jen had me do interval training for an hour. I felt good during and after, which was a nice change from the previous week.

Tomorrow I run, let’s hope it feels the same way.

I got an email from Coach Jen asking how everything was going. I told her about not feeling comfortable during some of the workouts, luckily she had good things to say.

“Yep, it is a new routine and fitting it all in + family + work and other fun things in life is a huge change …. so as the weeks go by, you will feel a little better and learn how to balance it all a little better for sure. 🙂  You are doing great!”

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