There was this woman I used to work with at the Buehler YMCA who had a framed picture on her desk that just said “Breathe”. I always thought it was a little strange, but I think I finally get it.

I say this a lot but. WHAT A LONG WEEK!

i had great workouts all week… except today… I just wasn’t feeling it today. I had strength training on the schedule followed by 30 mins on the bike, I got it done, but…….. blah.

Tomorrow I’m in the pool, Sunday I have a 65 min run, then I’m off to find a Christmas tree, then to the Hawks game. All of that should keep me in a great mood until Monday morning rolls around… Monday’s mean two things… Rest Day and Work Stress.

I might have to talk to Coach Jen about shifting my Rest day to a weekend so I can legitimately relax….

Alright, I just need to relax and take one day at a time. I’m off to enjoy the weekend.


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