Who wears shoes in a pool?!?!

I guess I do. I had to read Coach Jen’s notes twice to make sure I was understanding it correctly.

10 x 100 as:
5 of them SWIM with SHOES ON….you must focus on pulling more with your upper body and kicking w/ your hips and hip flexors!
Apparently I wasn’t the only one getting this instruction cause Coach Jen’s was tagged in a Facebook picture of a Kickboard and pair of shoes on a pool deck with a caption that said “Swimmimng with shoes is unnatural”

Well ok then. So I head to the gym and took care of my warm-up then laced up my shoes. I found it to be PREEEETY difficult to maintain a solid kick while wearing gym shoes. I wasn’t wearing water aerobic shoes either. I was rocking a pair of Nike Triax 13’s… Which I will run in a little later… assuming they’re dry!!!

The swim was scheduled for an hour, I chalked it up as a Swim Fail cause I couldn’t complete the whole thing in that amount of time. My hips are kinda sore today from what I did complete.
I sent Coach an email telling her I didn’t get the whole job done (I was supposed to do 4×50’s and a 100 cool down).
“Oh that is not a swim fail – just a little speedbump! I know this is a HARD SWIM – I am pushing you – you will be an animal !!!”

Well that was good to hear! I have a hill run to tackle tonight, I’m not 100% sure the spot I found can really be considered a “hill” but it’s gonna have to do!

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