Only 172 Days until Mooseman?!?! Oh Crap!!!

I saw this really cool app on Facebook today called IronApp. Lauren from Outside The Girl Box has used it to post the race she’s running in 2011. I logged on a found my race, The Mooseman 70.3 on June 5th.

When you say “June 5th” it sounds like it’s 100 years away… I mean really, it was 9 degrees this morning, with weather like this June is nowhere in sight. But then IronApp broke it down…
Thumbnail image for IronApp
Let the freak out begin!
Wow, 172 days seems dangerously close. My marathon training program was longer than that… and all I had to do was run, Now I’m incorporating swimming and biking… AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE A PROPER BIKE YET!!! … I’m kind of getting comfortable swimming … 
Ok Deep Breath!
I was feeling pretty good about this race until I saw how close it was. Overall training is going well. Coach Jen knows when it is and knows what she’s (I’m) doing.
It’s all going to be OK! … I hope … 
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get a run in!!!

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