Swimming is frustrating.

It seems like the few time’s I’ve felt good about a swim, it’s followed up by a really poor performance in the pool. Yesterday was a prime example.

About half-way though the 700yd warm up I knew it wasn’t going to be good. My whole body felt disconnected and uncoordinated. I pushed through and continued on but each stroke felt like I was just flailing my arms and legs like a drowning victim. As I worked on each part of the main set I kept trying to find a groove, something that felt comfortable…. No luck.

The workout was planned for an hour, needless to say I didn’t complete it all. I was 1,300 yards short. I emailed Coach Jen and bitched about how frustrated I was in the pool. During my next swim I’m going to shoot some video so she can see where I’m going wrong.

Swimming is my biggest concern about the race right now, I worry about not making the cutoff…

My body hurts today. It started last night with some tightness & soreness in my back. At about 1130p my dogs started barking, so i got up to investigate and didn’t go back to sleep until about 430a… So I’m exhausted on top of it.

Shoveling snow this morning definitely didn’t help.

I’m gonna head to the gym in the afternoon and take a steam, maybe it’ll have a good result. 

Tonight I have an hour on the bike. Hopefully my back will loosen up.

Tomorrow is a rest day but I’m pretty pumped because I’m going to head to Trek Highland Park and Vision Quest Coaching to meet Robbie Ventura. He’s going to take me through the in’s and outs of what I really need to know when looking for bike for Mooseman.

I’m really looking forward to riding road bike instead of my GT Mountain bike!

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