More cycling tips from Robbie Ventura.

Here is part 2 of my interview with Robbie Ventura, owner of Vision Quest Coaching. Last week Robbie talked about what to look for in a road bike. Today he’s taking us through Trek of Highland Park and offering up some some must have accessories to go along with your new bike.

As for me, I’m still on the hunt for my bike, I’m really interested in the Trek Madone and the Felt AR series. I was planning on getting all my bike gear at once (shoes, pedals, ect.), but I caved and got the shoes and will probably the pedals this week. I’m looking at both LOOK and Speedplay pedals.

Here’s Robbie with some info that helped me narrow down my decision on my gear!

More cycling tips from Robbie Ventura from Phil Castello on Vimeo.

It might be a little early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions but this Taste of VQ session starts January 3, perfect timing for making those resolutions a reality this winter. The winter Taste of VQ session starts the week of January 3 and runs through the week of February 27. These eight weeks of Taste of VQ will have you training on your bike weekly and prepping your body for successful cycling come next season, dropping a few holiday pounds or simply taking your power levels to new heights. Instead of feeling like you’re trapped indoors, you can be laying the foundation for the upcoming year–and getting a head start on those goals you fell short on last season or what you want to accomplish in the future. 

Taste of VQ can help you address your weaknesses and improve your skills while working on cadence and pedaling abilities. You’ll also see plenty of short VO2 intervals with lots of rest and some strength endurance work, which will help you maintain the development level you achieved in the last season while continuing to grow. In these eight weeks, you’ll work hard and get a sample of everything to keep you fit while working on your next season’s goals. 

To find out more or register for Taste of VQ click here.

Thanks to Robbie, VQ and Trek of Highland Park for all the great info!

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