Training’s “Ah-Ha” moment

Throughout my stint with endurance sports there have been struggles. For marathon training it was my leg injury from building distance too fast. Now in triathlon training, my biggest hurdle has been swimming. I've tried just pushing through my workouts sometimes failing to complete them, I've gotten advice from Coach Jen, my Masters coaches and … Continue reading Training’s “Ah-Ha” moment

Reorganizing the week.

This weeks training looked awesome on paper. But it went to hell real fast! Sunday i had a 75 min ride, I got set up on the trainer, threw on my new Peal Izumi bib  and was set to go... My Garmin was not. I had it charging, but I think my son Sammy unplugged … Continue reading Reorganizing the week.

Figs, Stones, Nuts… Yep, we’re talking about Balls.

I went to the Chicago Bike Swap on Saturday in hopes of finding a great deal on a road bike for Mooseman. Unfourtuantely I didn't find one but I did learn a LOT about cycling and cycling gear.I met up with Dave Wallach (Pace of Chicago) who offered up some great advice. Outside of discussing … Continue reading Figs, Stones, Nuts… Yep, we’re talking about Balls.

Training Tip Thursday… And I’ve added a new race

This week is just flying by! I hit the pool yesterday and had a pretty solid swim, I'll give it a B+. Today I have a 45 min treadmill run that was rescheduled from Tuesday. I've added another race to my schedule. After a quick email discussion with Coach Jen I've decided to add the … Continue reading Training Tip Thursday… And I’ve added a new race

Handling rest week and races.

I celebrated the first day of my rest week doing nothing... And i mean NOTHING. The weather was horrible, so I sat indoors by a fire all day... But I did feel a bit lazy. I think it's because I spent most of last week rushing around and trying to fit in my workouts, so … Continue reading Handling rest week and races.

Dealing with training pitfalls.

No matter how well you plan, at some point life will interrupt your training and it feels awful when it happens. I had a lot going on at work this week, which made it difficult to stick to my schedule.Monday was no big deal, I hot the pool at lunch and finished my 2,400 yards with … Continue reading Dealing with training pitfalls.

Caffeine withdrawal and Training Tip Thursday!

Well the New Years resolution of eating right is going a lot better now. I've been caffeine free since Sunday. Today is the first day I haven't wanted to kill everyone I come in contact with. The first day with out coffee was ugly, my head was pounding, I couldn't keep my eyes open, it … Continue reading Caffeine withdrawal and Training Tip Thursday!