5 months to go!

Ooh it’s only the 4th and this New Years Resolution is killing me… It’s not really the “Clean” aspect as a whole, it’s the no caffeine! I had a pounding headache all day yesterday. I thought my swim was going to help but I was wrong.

As far as swimming goes I had a swim session with Dave from Pace of Chicago over the weekend which was really helpful. Dave’s done a bunch of Tris. So when the opportunity to get a critique and some pointers came up I was pumped!

The good news is he said my stroke was better than he expected (then he did a demo of what he expected… Yikes!!)

He gave me a few pointers that I made a point of paying close attention to on my swim yesterday and I have to say it felt great! I completed my 2350 yards with out issue (other than the splitting headache).

After my session with Dave, Coach Jen had me down for a duathlon workout. I was down to run for 30 mins, bike for 60 mins then run for another 30 mins. I had a lot of fun doing it … until I took a big fall during my last run. I banged up my knee and bruised my hands real bad. I got up and walked for a minute then finished the run.

Outside of the fall I felt really good about the whole thing! Those two workouts, make me feel a little better about Mooseman only being 5 months away. 

There is still a lot of room for improvement though.

Tonight I have a force workout on the bike trainer for an hour. I’m excited to try my new shoes and pedals… The bike is still an issue… But I’ll deal with that later.

3 thoughts on “5 months to go!

  1. You are an animal in the pool. Don’t sell yourself short. When you qualify for Kona, all of this is going to seem silly. Great job.

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