Caffeine withdrawal and Training Tip Thursday!

Well the New Years resolution of eating right is going a lot better now. I’ve been caffeine free since Sunday. Today is the first day I haven’t wanted to kill everyone I come in contact with. The first day with out coffee was ugly, my head was pounding, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, it was just … bad.

The next day was about the same, and then it got a little better each day. That doesn’t mean I don’t inhale deep enough to pop a lung when I pass a Starbucks, it just means I’m functioning on a normal level with out it!
I have think I have found a good balance with what I eat too, I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but I think that due more to training 6 days a week!
Speaking of training, today marks the start of Training Tip Thursdays! Whoooooo!
Robbie Ventura of Vision Quest Coaching was kind enough to give us some quick cycling and triathlon training tips. I’ll have a new one for you each Thursday.

Training Tip of the week – Consistency from Phil Castello on Vimeo.

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