Dealing with training pitfalls.

No matter how well you plan, at some point life will interrupt your training and it feels awful when it happens. I had a lot going on at work this week, which made it difficult to stick to my schedule.

Monday was no big deal, I hot the pool at lunch and finished my 2,400 yards with out issue, which made me feel good. I’ve felt a lot more confident in my swimming over the last couple of weeks.
Tuesday where things got a little ugly. I had a long day at work, which resulted in me skipping my run at lunch, to make matters worse, I stayed late at work AND missed my train home, so the run was missed all together. I was pissed.
I emailed Coach Jen to make her aware of my epic fail and asked if I could just make Tuesday my rest day and make up the run on Friday. She said it wasn’t an issue which is good.
Wednesday I was on the bike trainer doing intervals for an hour.
Thursday I had a 40 min run that I BARELY got in. I was annoyed because I left my Garmin at home, I’m “fairly” comfortable with my HR zones so it wasn’t a huge deal, and when it really comes down to I did the workout.
Friday was almost the exact same issue as Thursday, I had almost no time, and when I did squeeze the run in, I realized I forgot the Garmin AGAIN! DAMNIT!!!
Welcome to Saturday… I was supposed to swim with Masters at 6am. What I didn’t comprehend was that my wife was on-call today, so I had to bag the swim to stay home with my Son. I had to make a last minute switch on Training Peaks. I’ll swim with Masters tomorrow, and I bike tonight.
So on top of all the training issues. I also forgot to put up a video for Training Tip Thursday. So to keep with my theme of “rescheduling” this week, Here’s Robbie Ventura of Vision Quest Coaching with this weeks Training Tip.

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