Training Tip Thursday… And I’ve added a new race

This week is just flying by! I hit the pool yesterday and had a pretty solid swim, I’ll give it a B+. Today I have a 45 min treadmill run that was rescheduled from Tuesday.

I’ve added another race to my schedule. After a quick email discussion with Coach Jen I’ve decided to add the Bangs Lake Triathlon to my August Races. I was a little hesitant to ask her about it because I’m running the Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon, which falls the weekend AFTER Bangs Lake.

And since I haven’t run my 1st Tri yet, asking about a second (even though Bangs is shorter) seemed a little dumb… But hey, who cares!

Jen said Bangs Lake is awesome, and that it would be possible, but challenging for a first timer to race a Tri and run a half marathon the next weekend. She said if I was ok with a bit slower 1/2 Marathon it could be done.

I very quickly replied “Yay for Challenges!” Bangs Lake Tri

I’m trying to convince my friend Beefy to run Bangs too. So give me a hand harassing him and leave a comment for Beef below!

Adding more challenges means more training, so here is Robbie Ventura, Owner of Vision Quest Coaching with this weeks training tip.

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