Reorganizing the week.

This weeks training looked awesome on paper. But it went to hell real fast!

Sunday i had a 75 min ride, I got set up on the trainer, threw on my new Peal Izumi bib  and was set to go… My Garmin was not. I had it charging, but I think my son Sammy unplugged it. So it was dead… No worries I rode with out it!

Monday I woke up and felt like death. I don’t know what was wrong, i thought flu. I went to work and still planned on swimming. When it came time I just couldn’t stomach working out. I called an audible and bagged the workout. So Monday was a rest day.

Yesterday I had a run scheduled, but things at work didnt really allow for that, so I rearranged again and decided to bike when I got home. 

There was a 70 min ride in the books. I didn’t end up getting home from work until 9:30!!!

I asked Jen a while back if there was a time that was too late to workout, she had said 9:00 should be the cut off… Yesterday I decided there was no cut off! I got on the bike about 9:45… I really tried to get through the whole 70mins, but I couldn’t do it. I was wiped out… I did about 40 mins, I feel good that I did something, but bummed that I didn’t finish.

Today I’m in the pool making up for Monday’s missed rescheduled swim, and I’m also going to make some calls to see if I can’t acquire a bike this week.

Only 129 days until Mooseman.

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