2011 Marathon Charity & New Bike

It’s the announcement you didn’t know you were waiting for!!!

I decided to race with a charity for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. I did a few charity races last year and raised money for organizations like Cancer is Colorblind and Children’s Memorial Hospital but I didn’t run the marathon with a charity group.

Before I registered on February 1st I scanned the groups from top to bottom and read about many of the great groups to hopefully find one I could connect with. Towards to bottom of the list I saw Misericordia and immediately picked that as the group I’m running for.misericordia.png

My family has been working with Misericordia for years volunteering on Candy Day to Family Fest (say hi to my parents, Dad will be making funnel cakes and Mom calling BINGO). My cousin is a resident as Misericordia, My Uncle volunteers in the bakery, so to join their team and continue to support Misericordia seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m waiting to find out the date for the team “meet & greet” and to get set up to start accepting donations.

If you want to join the Misericordia Heart Racers click here.

In other AWESOME news. I finally got a road bike for Mooseman!!! It took a while to determine what I needed that would hold up for a long time and be versatile enough to do a variety of races with out going over the top.
I settled on the Trek Madone 4.5. I’m thrilled to have found my biggest equipment hurdle and really feel relieved!
I worked out on the trainer with it a few times already and it felt dramatically different than riding my mountain bike! I can’t wait until all this snow melts and I get to ride outside!!!
Soon I’ll be back at Trek of Highland Park to get properly fit, look for a video on that!

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