Lets Race!!!

I haven’t raced since the Fleet Feet Turkey Trot. And its wasn’t my best effort! I think all this training and no racing is getting me. 

I feel like I’m at war with myself just trying to stay motivated to get up and workout. Last season I ran a race about every three weeks, so this “layoff” is slowly killing me!

The races not only broke up the monotony of running alone on the path, but they provided some insight on what I can focus on moving forward. Maybe I went to hard out of the gate or there were times I had an imaginary grudge match against another runner and threw my race plan out the window just to beat “that guy”…

Since September my training has only been broken up by sport, run outside alone or on the treadmill, swim in a pool and bike in my living room.

But in 32 days I get to race again, I’ll be running the Shamrock Shuffle with the Chicago Police Department (I’m only $150 short of my goal please make a donation if you can!), and I couldn’t be more excited to start the season!

NOW LET’S RACE!!! … 89 Days until Mooseman!!!

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